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face of dead

J.D. 's Minions?

Posted by matricidalmotif on 02.16.2006 at 05:23
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Hey, is anyone still alive out there?
Did you get bored with KoRn? Did you not like their new album? Did you somehow manage to grow out of them in this short period of time?

Either way, talk about it. What do you like and dislike about KoRn? If you can't even listen to them anymore, tell us why. I think I need to start whipping out some tests or something. More interactive things. I just figured since there was a new album out there would be a little buzz around here.


I'll start being more interactive with this place myself, check out the latest stuff I can find about them. Give you more things to do. I know this place is pretty boring and stale. I'll be back soon with more shit. If there's something you think I'm missing or going about all wrong, I'm more than happy for some constructive criticism.

- matricidalmotif

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