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J. D.'s Minions

"If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be alive... I don't think." - Jonathan Davis

J.D.'s Minions
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This is a place for LOYAL Jon fans, not the dumbasses who talk about how hot he is for a month and then move on to Aaron Carter or some bullshit. There are some people who like Jon/KoRn and there are some whose lives have been changed by either one of them, and always will they be beautiful and amazing in that person's eyes. I'm not saying this is a place where we make daily Jon prayers for morning, noon, and night. This is simply a place where even after a decade or more, Jon/KoRn still has the ability to change your life, and you can come here to talk about it.

* Poseur whores will not be tolerated. If you don't know jack shit about Jon or KoRn, then don't bother. This is a Pro-Jon/KoRn community.For those of you that think this is stupid, don't like Jon/KoRn or "don't get it", don't waste your time trying to change anyone's thoughts and feelings, because no one is going to change for you and you just look like an idiot doing it.

* Pictures of yourself would be nice (if you have any) and icons/articles/Jon pics are welcome here. Don't be shy. But PLEASE, leave a comment for the poster/creator (it boosts their ego) and of course, credit if you use any of their info they posted or images they took the time to make.

* Be respectful of other people's opinions. Not everyone thinks like you, and you're more than welcome to explain where you're coming from.

* For christ sake, I don't want to see anything like this:  "New4Y iM g0in skAt1n w1v mY fR3ndZ 2d4y, I hAv3n't b1n daT in2 sk81n n aLL d4t pXnX sH1t sInsE iM tRy1n 2 g0 m0r3 g0ff1x/m3tAl/iNduZtal yA n0 bUt i Am sT1ll PUNX aT haRt!!!"

That said, sorry to sound like such a Nazi, and if you're still with me, have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask someone that looks like they know what they're doing. ;)

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- o0paranoia0o / matricidalmotif  (Maintainer and Moderator)

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